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  1. SQL 서버 비디오 자료 ^^
  2. SESSION: Automate Your ETL Infrastructure with SSIS and PowerShell (Allen White) (1)
  3. All 2012 Insider videos - FREE
  4. Expert Query Performance Troubleshooting
  5. Why to look at "Wait Statistics" to troubleshoot SQL Performance
  6. SQL Unplugged 2013 - PASS KOREA
  7. SQL PASS 2013 자료 - Parallel Query Execution (Paul White)
  8. SQL PASS 2013 자료
  9. SQL PASS 2013 자료
  10. Query Tuning Mastery: The Art and Science of Manhandling Paralellism

SQL 서버 비디오 자료 ^^



SQL Server Videos

About two weeks ago, I wrote about SQL Server Podcasts and why I love that medium so much.

Today, I want to talk about the various video sources for SQL Server (luckily for us, there are lots of them).

The video medium is great because you can view sessions from the top speakers in the world without leaving your chair. If you feel you don’t need an eye contact with a specific session, you can upload it to your phone/USB drive/CD and listen in your car or any other place, just like a Podcast.

For the sake of order, I will make an artificial distinction between the sources. The categories will be conferences, Pass virtual chapters, Webcasts, other free sources and pay sites.


TechEd - All of the sessions are available
SQLBits - Sessions from the free days are available
Pass Summit - The 2010 and older summits are available for free. The 2011 summit is available only for attendees

Pass Virtual Chapters

Application Development


Business Intelligence

Data Architecture

Database Administration

DBA Fundamentals

Big Data


Professional Development

24 Hours Of Pass (not actually a Virtual Chapter, but still a Pass source)


Brent Ozar Unlimited


Confio Software

Pragmatic Works


Quest Software (Now Dell Software Group)

SQL Server Central and Red Gate Software

Other Free Sources

Quest Software YouTube Channel - Some older fun videos, mostly by Brent Ozar and Kevin Kline


MCM Readiness - A series prepared for the SQL Server 2008 MCM probram by SQLSkills

MSBI Academy - A site dedicated to the Microsoft BI technologies

Pay Sites


CBT Nuggets


All the links can also be found on my recommended resources page, where you can also find my favorite Podcasts and Blogs.

All 2012 Insider videos - FREE


캬~~ 이런 크리스마스 선물들이~~~

The SQL Server Wait Type Repository

Benchmark SQL Server Wait Statistics


SQL Unplugged 2013 - PASS KOREA

안녕하세요. 주디아줌마입니다.
날씨가 점점  추워지네요.. 낙엽도 떨어지고 ㅠㅠ.
SQL Unplugged 동영상이 올라왔네요^^, PDF 자료는 여기 다운받아보세요^^
이외 토크쇼 동영상은 여기서 보시면 되요. 근데, 숙봉님 동영상이 안 보이네요~ ㅡ.ㅡ


Parallel Query Execution (Paul White)

화이트 고수님 동영상.. 까오~~ 햄볶아요~

SQL PASS 2013 자료


SQL PASS 2013 자료

http://www.sqlskills.com/sql-server-resources/sql-server-demos/ Paul 자료
http://www.sqlpass.org/summit/2013/PASStv.aspx?watch=AWFg6KdVoh4 Pass TV
http://www.sqlpass.org/summit/2013/Sessions/Schedule.aspx  <-- 여기보시면 알겠지만, 모두 오픈한 건 아니네요.. ㅠㅠ 아쉽다.

http://www.passboutique.com/summit-2013.html  PASS2013 레코딩 구매 페이지가 올라왔네요^^

PASS Summit (October 14-18, 2013, Charlotte, US)
Precon: Practical Disaster Recovery Techniques (Paul) Demo Scripts
Session: Waits, Latches, and Spinlocks: Internals and Analysis (Paul) Demo Scripts
Session: Index Fragmentation: Internals, Analysis, and Solutions (Paul) Demo Scripts
Session: Skewed Data, Poor Cardinality Estimates, and Plans Gone Bad (Kimberly) Demo Scripts

  • Note: These are v1 demo scripts; Kimberly will blog future updates. If/when she does – we’ll add a link here.

Session: Making the Leap from Profiler to Extended Events (Erin) Demo Scripts
Precon: Scaling SQL Server 2012 (Glenn) Demo Scripts
Session: Storage Subsystem Basics (Glenn) Demo Scripts
Session: Professor DMV (Glenn) Demo Scripts
Session: SQL Server Archaeology: Dig into the Past with system_health Jonathan) Demo Scripts

Query Tuning Mastery: The Art and Science of Manhandling Paralellism

2012 PASS 자료입니다.
괜장히 존경하시는 분이죠^^